To my website showcasing my Original Modern Abstract art paintings for sale. All my paintings are one off originals, no prints therefore you can be assured of  high quality original pieces of art that won’t be seen anywhere else. My paintings come from the depths of my heart and are truly inspirational, they are product of many years of painting and study of the great modern masters like Pollock, Motherwell, Rothko and Picasso. I have painted from the age of 5 and am self taught.

My process:

On entering my studio I deliberately keep my mind clear of any thoughts prior to painting. I allow my subconscious to take control also allowing the strokes of colour to speak to me throughout my painting putting all of my heart and soul onto the canvas until my painting tells me its done, its finished. A sense of colour harmony and composition is of course extremely important in achieving a pleasing finished painting. However these things are mostly in the background as I work since I wish my paintings to be as spontaneous, lively and as fresh as possible. You can judge the results for yourself. What I can say is that every painting I produce is really a part of me, since without my intervention these paintings would  not exist.

No brainer

You can’t go wrong investing in a great Modern Art by Patrick Canning that can brighten up any room or office space which will give  years of pleasure. These paintings  use only the very best of materials ensuring permanent  steadfast colours that will last. Patrick Canning at your service and I am based on the shores of the Gareloch in Clynder near Helensburgh, Scotland. My paintings are available UK wide and internationally, just contact me for shipping rates: email me at canningpat7@yahoo.co.uk. Tel: 01436 831672  Mobile: 07713 472517. Also http://www.patrickcanningmodernart.co.uk    Hope you enjoy my work.. Best wishes.